Thank you very much for the invitation to the Meetup. Both my daughter and I very much enjoyed it. I was fascinated by the work that Anna Goldenberg was doing. I would have listened to her for a full 8 hours. My daughter got exposed to a part of her very near future and having the exposure of the Meetup will allow her to see that when they start talking about ML in school, how important and relevant is actually is. (Chris)

I attended my first ever AIGeeks event today! Wonderful experience, connections and learning. See you at the next one. Thank you! Yulia

Excellent presentations! Very informative and entertaining, providing an AI view from 3 generations! Looking forward to bridging quantum computing with explainable AI, towards safer open source self-driving cars! (Marius Slavescu – Founder at Open Source Self Driving Car Initiative – about Steering Toward Tomorrow meeting)

Thank you for organizing the event last night. It was really great! It was my first one, but definitely not the last. (Florin Brinzan)

Can’t say enough about how good last nights event was! The content was interesting and informative. Speaking styles were natural, engaging and entertaining. Great job everyone! (Lori – Jonah Group)

In a world where there is a meet up taking place every minute of the day, I can always count on a well attended, organized and quality event with AIGeeks. Very impressive. (Marc Champagne – Co-founder- KYŌ)

What an incredible event today on AI of Tomorrow! Big thanks to AIGeeks for arranging and the RBC team for hosting this event! Thank you, Sabina Stanescu, Philippe Beaudoin and (as always) Bradley Arsenault for great presentations!!! (Mahmood Qasmi – Innovation Strategy Leader – Machine Learning and IoT)

Awesome experience with #AIGeeks and a presentation on “AI for tomorrow” by multiple speakers. Got to know and learn a lot. Also connected with many talents. Looking forward to multiple more events. (Kunal)

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